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Hulu Desktop + Wiimote

I learned today of Hulu Desktop, a way to watch Hulu without opening the web browser.  I had just bought a Bluetooth dongle with the hope of using it as an interface device, and this was the first opportunity to do so! Using Jason Smith‘s Wiimote Presenter, I just remapped some keys to make more […]


Stupid Norton: IPv4 autoconfiguration error

I spent two hours trying to figure out why, whatever the configuration settings I threw at it, a laptop would not connect to a wireless connection.  Turns out the culprit was Norton Internet Security.  Only by running the Norton Removal Tool was I able to fix the computer. Basically, ipconfig /all would give me the […]


Locked Out of Your G1?

One issue has been bugging the Android user community for awhile now, and it seems like Google has been mum on the issue (android bugs 3006, 4784). The issue is that a phone can be locked out if too many tries of the unlock pattern fails to unlock a phone (usually a friend or a […]