Hey everyone!

I’ve been living in the Seattle area ever since I was born at the University of Washington’s Health Sciences building!  After graduating in 2009, I worked in the Seattle area for a little bit. My chemistry and computer science interests still lived on and eventually brought me to the Computer Sciences’ Ph.D. program in Madison, Wisconsin.  My current research with the university revolves around protein function detection.

I spend a significant time of my time outdoors, biking around whatever city I’m in and hiking through the woods.  I also spend a great deal of time inside (imagine that!), tinkering with applications and playing video games on the PC.  I’ve become a quick fan of the Google Maps framework as it’s fairly simple to build applications in and around it that utilize the map just for it’s display capabilities.  I’m a big fan of urban photography, and a big fan of the NBA although they plucked away the Seattle Supersonics (currently following the Timberwolves, Nuggets, and Blazers).

This site is powered by WordPress, with edits template theme. I used a self-made theme for awhile, but I couldn’t get the readability up to par! I use Notepad++ as my editor of choice.

If you are interested in a more concise description (har har) of what I’ve been up to, my CV (long résumé) is available on my academic webpage.

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