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Supplemental Material

A little over a year ago, Johnny Lee came to UW’s CSE department to talk about the impact of his wiimote head-tracking video on YouTube.  As part of his talk, he had what he called something like the pyramid of impressions.  While an academic paper may have 10 readers, a white-paper may have 100.  A […]


Graphene and the Nobel Prize

Boy, what a trip it was to see what the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to this year — the “discovery” of graphene!  The name of single-layer graphite is pretty inaccurate in of itself, but it’s becoming an accepted term in the physical sciences.  It’s interesting that these scientists were praised so soon — […]


Just starting to get busy?

Welp, the quarter’s over halfway done and the real work seems to be just beginning. After this weekend, I’m gonna have to hightail my research into aconitase, the fun-loving bioinorganic molecule that loves to use its Fe4S4 cluster to facilitate a stereo-specific reaction mechanism instead of just serving as an electron mover. Not to mention […]