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Drawing Transit Maps

Just some resources I want to be sure I can find later.  🙂 Techniques: Making curved corners:  


New to Madcity

That’s the nickname of Madison, Wisconsin, and they all say it lovingly! It’s a pretty cool town to get to know. It’s really grown on me; getting used to the midwest is nice when you’re in the town that’s surrounded by reality. The facilities that Madison provides for bicycles along with the recent conversion of […]


Non-traditional commutes

Why do I always revert back to transportation-related discussion?  Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work! One thing I’ve noticed is that people get so locked into their routine commute.  They may not be aware of the multitude of alternate commutes that can perfectly fit their schedule.  Sure, there’s tons of ads and pushes […]


Humility about the weather

It’s a strange thing, the weather in Seattle. One moment is sunny, and the next the sunbreak has left for Oregon and rain deflected by the mountains move in. It’s often striking to observe what my fellow Seattleite does when confronted with sudden weather changes and weather of that they don’t approve (which is another […]


Hulu Desktop + Wiimote

I learned today of Hulu Desktop, a way to watch Hulu without opening the web browser.  I had just bought a Bluetooth dongle with the hope of using it as an interface device, and this was the first opportunity to do so! Using Jason Smith‘s Wiimote Presenter, I just remapped some keys to make more […]


Stupid Norton: IPv4 autoconfiguration error

I spent two hours trying to figure out why, whatever the configuration settings I threw at it, a laptop would not connect to a wireless connection.  Turns out the culprit was Norton Internet Security.  Only by running the Norton Removal Tool was I able to fix the computer. Basically, ipconfig /all would give me the […]


Overlake Double-take

Can someone tell me what the Sounder is doing at Overlake Transit Center?  I wonder how heavy rail will annoy people working around that area, heh.


Transit hacking – polylines

After attending the King County Metro developers conference earlier in October, they awarded each of us with a CD of the current dataset and also a GTFS copy of the data.  I had been having troubles trying to figure out metro’s shape data (apparently it was some form of GIS awesomeness), so I was sooo […]


New Research & Moving On

Though there’s been a little bit of a hiatus at Alpertopia, we here like to think we keep the ball rolling. We sort of do! I have graduated from the University of Washington and am now working with Microsoft in Windows Core! It’s an interesting transition as I’ve been in academia for nearly all of […]


Moving Hosts

Hey all – I’ll be moving hosts in the next couple of days, so this post will serve as bookmark whether the domain has propagated over to the new site or not.  This way, I’ll know it has not if I still see this post on the front page!  🙂