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Non-traditional commutes

Why do I always revert back to transportation-related discussion?  Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work! One thing I’ve noticed is that people get so locked into their routine commute.  They may not be aware of the multitude of alternate commutes that can perfectly fit their schedule.  Sure, there’s tons of ads and pushes […]


UW Station Light Rail Meeting, April 21st, 2010 Edition

Just a quick update on the status of these wonderful meetings… this meeting didn’t bring up much else than what was covered in the December meeting. A couple of improvment that the contractors are working on in the short term: Working on plaza improvement near the west main gate of Husky Stadium (E17) to accomadate […]


Dec’09 UW Light Rail Station Meeting

This is the second or third of these meetings that Amanda and I have went to, and it’s definitely starting to get a bit interesting. According to Sound Transit’s project page and the presentation that they gave, final designs have been completed and the transit agency is preparing to go ahead with the first phase […]