Just starting to get busy?

Welp, the quarter’s over halfway done and the real work seems to be just beginning. After this weekend, I’m gonna have to hightail my research into aconitase, the fun-loving bioinorganic molecule that loves to use its Fe4S4 cluster to facilitate a stereo-specific reaction mechanism instead of just serving as an electron mover.

Not to mention that Folklife is tomorrow! I think I’ll be leaving home with Amanda’s group of friend (see my events on Facebook for that info), but if you’re down there, definitely give me a call and we can go jump in the fountain together. 😀

Last evening was my little sister’s prom at some big house on Lake Washington.. that was definitely kind of awkward. Many family members of the 8 kids there came out, and we just took tons of pictures. Since I had checked out the digital SLR from UW for the weekend (mainly for Folklife and general screwing around), I had a blast taking pictures, though I dunno if they’re any good. One of the worst things about the experience was that the host woman brought out wine right before the kids were about to take pictures. I mean, really, wtf. Now the patio reeks of alcohol; is this really what we should be showing to the kids? I mean, wine is good, but it really seemed like an inappropriate time.

I’ve got some pictures to show of that and awesome night pictures that Amanda and I took, but I’ll have to wait after they’re done converting from RAW. 😀 Maybe I’ll post a link to my Flickr account, but for now we’ll have to wait on that because it’s not completely pretty right now!

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