Moving Hosts

Hey all –

I’ll be moving hosts in the next couple of days, so this post will serve as bookmark whether the domain has propagated over to the new site or not.  This way, I’ll know it has not if I still see this post on the front page!  🙂

2 Responses to “Moving Hosts”

  1. Alpercigim..

    This is a wonderful website.. But apparently it has been buried as it might be difficult to notice..

    Is there a way you can bring it to light by displaying it at an easily accessible website so that people can use and see the value of it..

    Best, Mehmet

  2. Alpercigim..

    I wrote in this space earlier..

    This is agreat project but it is somewhat burried so it may be difficult for people to discover it..

    It looks very useful other people should make us of this resource.. Can you bring it to a bette rlight and place it in easily accessble website?

    Best Mehmet

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