Here is an up-to-date listing on the projects that I have participated in.  Each project, whether personal, academic, or commercial, has more detailed information on their individual pages.

example Transit @ Alpertopia – Transit @ Alpertopia is an exploration in making the bus riding process in Seattle easier by showing the real-time location of every bus in the King County Metro system.  This is still a work in progress!
mapreduce MapReduce for Repy – To further validate the Repy model for the Seattle project (based in UW CSE), a practical MapReduce framework can be run on the Seattle distributed system network
quantum Adiabatic Quantum Computation – The research on adiabatic quantum algorithms and its relation to standard quantum computation
TFC Video Cache TFC Video Cache – To provide a place for users to upload and view video files for the decade-old video game, Team Fortress Classic
quantum WSDOT Project Pivot Collection – Data of the current projects of the Washington State DOT to the Microsoft Live Labs Pivot application

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