TFC Video Cache

A Team Fortress Classic video hosting site created from scratch.

TFC Video Cache

A comprehensive TFC video cache of user-contributed avis cataloging tricks, pickup, and league play in the decade year-old video game.

The cache is a self-contained upload and video presentation system for all types of Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic videos.  Featuring reliable multi-megabyte uploads, clean interface, and allowing downloads and streams of videos without the need for registration, it is made to be as easy to use as possible.  Users are allowed to upload videos, rate videos, and flag inappropriate videos or inaccurate metadata.

All of the code contained within the site is self-written using Textpad.  The site is primarily driven by PHP with a mySQL backend.  Many of the database queries have been designed to be object oriented (e.g. $database->getUsersAvis($username)) in order to allow flexibility and enhance readability of the codebase. The database was designed by me to be compatible with the custom design.  The UberUploader script was utilized to help facilitate uploads reliably and to provide the spiffy upload progress bar.

This idea spawned in late 2008 and only came to fruition in Summer 2009.  I learned some more nuances of PHP and made careful to ensure the security and stability of the site by utilizing the security mindset that was introduced in my computer security class.

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