WSDOT Projects – A Live Labs Pivot Collection

A mapping of current WSDOT projects to the Microsoft Live Labs Pivot application

After some talk about the Pivot application on how it makes it easier to find relationships in large datasets, I followed my interest in transportation and try to map all the current projects on the Washington State Department of Transportation(WSDOT) website to this pivot application.

Feel free to try out the collection and point your Pivot application to the following address:

Pivot is designed to help discover trends in large datasets, but it can also be used to explore large datasets.  I manually populated the data since the project pages don’t have consistent formats in which they display data.  If any folks at WSDOT get wind of this, a data source would be completely awesome! 🙂

The collection was last updated June 4th, 2010.

3 Responses to “WSDOT Projects – A Live Labs Pivot Collection”

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