Türkiye Timez

Welp, it’s been a fun two weeks here in Turkey so far – making the family rounds and visiting the southern Mediterranean coast.  So far, I’ve been in and around Ankara having visited Anıtkabir (Atatürk’s resting place), the shops in and around Ulus, the villages (more like cities now!) of Ayaş and Baypazarı outside of town, and seeing many people that I have not seen for the five years since I’ve been here.  We’re getting around mostly by taxi and bus, and it seems to be working out so far.

Last week my mother, little brother, me, and my friend Amanda all went down to Antalya to see the sights down there.  I was a bit skeptical of this outlook as I thought there really wasn’t more than just the sea down there – I was glad that I was wrong.  😛  We saw plenty of crazy ruins including those in Kemer to the west and as far east as Alanya.  One of the neatest ruins that we saw has to have been Aspendos – once I get some pictures up I’ll be sure to reiterate that fact!  All of us definitely got sunburned at the beach.  We stayed with my uncle’s apartment in Antalya and lemme tell you, it takes a while to get used to sweating at night while you sleep… it was getting up to 45 degrees centigrade during the day and really didn’t cool off too much during the night.

Hopefully later I’ll get more pictures up but for now in this internet cafe I just wanted to update quickly!  🙂

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